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Shirley de Rose's Biography

As the owner and visionary behind White Rose Productions, Shirley brings to her coaching 20 years of experience as a professional communicator and marketing maven. She understands both the art and science of success in both the business arts and creative sciences.

As an accomplished musician Shirley understands the rigors of practice, practice, practice. As an accomplished business person Shirley understands the art of paying attention to things like intuition and beauty during the everyday adventure of business. She brings these levels of understanding to her clients, adroitly managing to bring a balance of art and science in the process.

Shirley holds a bachelor of arts degree in human behavior and has attended both UCLA and USC. During UCLA/USC football games she is forced to sit on the 50 yard line while splitting her personality during the tug of war. Fortunately, at the end of the game she does somehow manage to re-integrate before leaving the stadium.

Shirley works in sales, marketing, and customer service education and training, bringing her delightful sense of humor with her to make sure everyone takes themselves lightly, even during a rigorous training session.

As an entrepreneur Shirley was chosen as a "table-top" presenter at the unique "SpringBoard" program of the UCSD Venture Capital Forum. As a serial entrepreneur Shirley has participated in over 25 start-up ventures nationally and internationally.

Shirley Recommends:
"Everything You Should Know About Publishing, Publicity, Promotion and Building A Platform" by Arielle Ford
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